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Electrical Installation Services For Commercial Property in Palm Beach County, FL

High Voltage Electric is proud to offer electrical installations for your business. We have been serving Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Hollywood, Palm Beach County, and the surrounding areas since 1993! To get your service today, call us for a free quote.

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Electrical Installations For Your Business

When it comes to your commercial wiring and electrical installation, you don’t want to trust just any contractor for the job. If you cut corners on electrical circuits installation, something as small as one wire being wrong can pose a serious risk to your property and your safety. For reliable and professional-grade installations for your business, there’s no better option than High Voltage Electric.

Regardless of whether you need complete electrical wiring for a new property or a system extension into another part of your building, you’ll find what you need at High Voltage Electric. Our team is composed of highly experienced electricians who are happy to execute your installation with precision and care.

Electrical Panel Installation

Commercial electrical panels are primarily responsible for providing electricity to your business’ computers, copiers, and other electrical devices that your business uses. Think of your electrical panel as the brain that operates your entire electrical system. As you can imagine, electrical panel installation is an integral part of keeping your business functional. Not only is it important to hire a team that is experienced to keep your business running, but skilled teams can also reduce the risk of safety hazards.

Switches & Outlets

You may find that your commercial business does not have enough outlets. This problem is frustrating, but there is an easy fix! Electrical outlet installation is another facet of our services, and we are happy to install both interior and exterior switches for your business. As commercial outlets are responsible for dispersing a large amount of electricity flow, it’s crucial that your system can handle the increased capacity. We will always perform several tests to make sure that your current circuits and wiring are equipped to handle the upgrades.

Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated circuit installation is another area that our team can handle. If you often trip your circuit breaker when too many circuits are running at once, this is a sign that you need assistance. There’s nothing worse than plugging away at work only to realize that your computer has unexpectedly shut off. As all of your computer systems, networks, and data centers operate in tandem, it’s not surprising that circuits sometimes fail. As a solution, consider opting for dedicated circuits. Dedicated circuits can improve how productive your organization is as it prevents untimely outages.

Isolated Ground Circuits

Isolated ground (IG) circuits are a type of dedicated circuit used to power computer-based equipment. As you can imagine, many businesses require isolated ground circuits installation for a noise-free ground reference for any of the connected equipment. The IG ground conductor is bonded to the earth grounding point of the facility to ensure the IG circuit remains safe in the case that a fault condition and fault currents arise. This results in a stable, noise-free environment for the computer device.

Lighting Installation

The lights in your company play an important role in the safety, functionality, and efficiency of your building. Even if you have a small commercial space, the right lighting installation and design can attract more customers to your business while keeping operating costs low. As there are more commercial lighting options than ever before, it’s important that you make the most of automation and control systems. Our team is happy to assist you with both commercial outdoor and indoor lighting!

Benefits of Hiring a High-Quality Commercial Electrician

Based in Boca Raton, High Voltage Electric provides all kinds of electrical installation services for customers and businesses in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Hollywood, Palm Beach County, and the nearby areas. Working with us comes with many benefits for you, such as:

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Variety of Services Under One Roof

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Competitive Prices

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1-Year Warranty

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Workers Compensation

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Highly Experienced Team

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Quality Work

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What is the difference between commercial and residential wiring?

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Residential wiring refers to electrical work and wiring that’s designed for residential buildings and houses. This type of wiring doesn’t usually use conduits. Commercial lighting, on the other hand, is much more complicated as it is designed for commercial buildings. The electrical load is much more significant to power a commercial building.

How are commercial buildings wired?

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Wiring in commercial buildings is contained in tube-like conduits or in-ceiling rafters for protection. Commercial locations change often, so the wiring is usually in areas that need to be accessible to service.

What types of electrical installations may my business need?

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Businesses may need raceways and conductors, busways, or cable assemblies. The type of electrical installation varies from business to business. Our team is happy to guide in this area if needed!