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house lights flickering

January 13, 2023


Dave Van Zwieten

All Reasons for Flickering Lights in House

Keep wondering why your light is flickering on and on? We have prepared a list of all possible reasons of flickering lights in house highlighting the most frequent ones. Read the article and learn everything you need to know.

rewiring a house

November 14, 2022


Dave Van Zwieten

How to Rewire a House and What to Consider in 2023

Are you planning remodeling of a single room or a whole house rewiring? Maybe you think you can do it yourself? Read the article and learn all about rewiring a house.

types of electricians

Are you struggling to find or choose a suitable electrician for your project? Read the article and know everything you ought to know about electrician levels and types and how to make the right choice for your project.

electrical panel upgrade

Every house or a commercial building has electrical main panel & and subpanels. They are the “heart” of every electrical system. So, there are several important tips that everyone should know about it and. When you should replace it? Do I have an outdated panel? How Much does it cost? Find the answers to all those questions in our fresh article.

what do electricians do

Nowadays, electrical contractors play an essential role in the construction and normal functioning of any business. Take a step and learn more about what an electrical contractor is, what they do and how it differs from a simple electrician.

difference between industrial and commercial electrician

When it comes to the different types of electricians, you might not know where to begin. You might think that all electricians do the same thing, but there are differences between a commercial electrician vs. a residential electrician vs. an industrial.

landscape lighting

June 17, 2022


Dave Van Zwieten

Landscape Lighting Guide: Common Tips for 2022

Any property owner knows that landscape lighting can make a huge impact on the property’s aesthetic. Outdoor landscape lighting can be the sole asset of your home that transforms its outdoor space.

pool heat pump vs heater

There are different solutions for heating your pool . Let’s delve into the different options before you continue with the process of installing a pool heater.

how much does a pool cost per month in electricity

If you currently own a pool and you feel as though your monthly energy bills are only going up, know that you’re not alone! Let's learn how to control it in the post!

Swimming Pool

March 24, 2022


Dave Van Zwieten

Swimming Pool Automation Guide 2022

Let’s paint the picture - you’ve spent all day crunching numbers and keeping your employees on track at work, and all you can think about is getting home and unwinding with a dip in your perfect pool. We bet in this daydream, the pool isn’t freezing cold and in need of multiple adjustments before you dive in, right? This is where pool automation systems come in.

Swimming pool

March 24, 2022


Dave Van Zwieten

Explaining Pool Bonding and Grounding

Being a pool owner is no easy task. On top of maintaining the pool and keeping it clean, it’s also essential that your pool is properly bonded and grounded to ensure safety when swimming and relaxing. And although it’s an essential task, it’s one many find tricky. Pool bonding can feel like a complicated topic, but our team of professional electricians is here to break it down. From what exactly pool grounding and bonding are, to how to electrically bond a swimming pool, we are simplifying the process so you understand just what’s ahead for your pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool

Looking to make your backyard pool as safe as can be? Whether you’re obsessed with late-night swims or have been reading up on all the swimming pool lighting codes, it’s about time you look into adding in pool lights. Likely, if you’ve already begun your search for pool lighting ideas, you’ve quickly realized there are a lot (no, really - a lot) of options on the market.

Swimming pool

You’re living in Palm Beach County and you’re thinking about building the swimming pool of your dreams. One thing you perhaps haven’t considered is that it’s absolutely necessary to hire a reliable electrical contractor as part of your plans. Why? In short, a good electrical contractor will make sure the installation is safe and will save you a ton of headaches throughout the entire process. In this article, we’ll get into the details and explain exactly why hiring a pool electrician is an absolute must.

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