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Monthly Electric Costs of Running a Swimming Pool


There’s something incredibly special about owning a pool. It is a luxury that not many people get to enjoy, but caring for a pool can be quite expensive. If you currently own a pool and you feel as though your monthly energy bills are only going up, know that you’re not alone! If you’re wondering how much a pool costs per month in electricity, keep reading to find out more information. 

how much does a pool cost per month in electricity

What Influences On Your Monthly Electrical Costs?

Your Location

Your location will have a large impact on how much your monthly electric bill is and some places naturally have higher rates than others. If you are concerned that your bill is getting too high, consider looking at the average electricity rates in your area. As your location affects your weather, this will factor in as well. As you can imagine, colder climates mean you’ll spend more on pool heating throughout the year.  

The Size and Brand of Pump You’re Using

Don’t forget to factor in the size and brand of your pool pump as it will have an impact on your monthly electric bill. Believe it or not, some pool pumps are designed to be more efficient while others naturally use more power. If you aren’t currently aware of the type of pump that you’re using, make sure to do your research. There could be a more cost-efficient pump on the market that can save you money in the long run. 

Your Pool’s Size

Of course, the size of your pool will also factor into your monthly electric bill. The larger your pool is, the harder your heater or heat pump has to work to heat the entirety of the pool. There isn’t much you can do about the size of your pool once it’s already built, but you can opt for a more energy-efficient pump as we mentioned above. 

The Time Your Pump Is Running

If you’re wondering how much a pool adds to your electric bill, always consider how long your pump is running. If you leave your pump running all day, it will suck up a lot of energy. To save a significant amount of money on your bill, consider only turning on your pool’s pump when you are going to be using it. 

In the case that you have surrounding trees that drop debris into the pool, consider investing in a cover that you use to offset how much work you need to do when the pump isn’t being used.

What Must Be Taken Into Account When Estimating Future Electrical Expenses?

how much does it cost to run a pool per month

Above, we mentioned that how much it costs to run a pool depends on the type of pump that you’re using. We’ve broken down the estimated costs of three common types of pool pumps. 

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps are an excellent choice if you’re looking for energy-efficient pool pumps. This option is known to be the most energy-efficient as they work to regulate and adjust how much power they use based on the task. For example, let’s say your pool pump is variable speed. You can expect to spend roughly $10.41 per month, or around $125 per year, to use this pump. You won’t find a better price than that!

1x Speed Pumps

Single-speed pumps are another option to consider, however, they use more energy than variable speed pumps as they don’t ever change speeds. Single-speed pumps aren’t able to regulate energy in the same way that variable-speed pumps can. Plus, they run at the same speed regardless of the task at hand. This can result in wasted energy and higher monthly energy bills.

Heat Pumps or Heaters

How much to run a pool depends on two different factors: the size of your collection and the temperature that you want your pool to be. The larger the pool and the hotter you want the temperature to be, the more electricity that’s used. Your pool’s temperature is a personal preference, but if you can tolerate a lower temperature, this could be an easy and effective way to save money. It’s also important to note that using a pool cover is an easy way to reduce heating costs. 

Don’t Forget About Pool Lights

Lights are a simple and effective way to add character to your pool and make it usable when the sun isn’t out. LED pool lights may cost anywhere from 5-10x more than halogen pool lights. However, when it comes to operating costs, halogen pool lights are 5x more expensive than LED lights. After all, what’s the point of going through the trouble of installing pool lights if you never turn them on? Make sure to check out our swimming pool lighting guide for additional information! 


As you can see, the cost of running a pool hinges on many different factors. Just because you have a pool doesn’t mean it needs to be a costly facet of your life. Here are some general electricity costs for an inground pool:

  • A 2-speed or variable-speed filter costs $30-$50 per month.
  • A 1-speed pump costs $75-$150 per month.
  • Heat pumps cost $50-$250 per month.
  • Inground hot tubs cost $100-$300 per month.

If you’re hoping to lower the cost of your electric bill by tightening up your pool costs, consider changing your pumping system to something that is more energy-efficient. High Voltage Electric is happy to provide you with guidance in this area. To learn more about our services, browse our website to see what we offer. If you still have questions, contact us today to learn how to reduce your electrical costs. 

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